23/05/2020 Support Fees for manually processed payments
Solidi always strives to provide the best and cheapest way to purchase Bitcoin and other crypto. We've lead the way in the UK with a completely automated system for buying and selling crypto instantly. This system and our low pricing only works when we receive payments for the correct amount, correct reference and correct bank name.

We understand mistakes happen and although our terms and conditions have always given us the option to charge a fee for support, we have never done so. However, recently there has been a significant increase in payments arriving with the incorrect details which require our support team to manually process payments, often having to liaise with our bank.

As of today we’re going to start passing on our support costs to customers who persistently require their payments to be manually processed. As normal we’ll send a polite email on the first occurrence, but for second and subsequent occurrences we’ll apply a discounted support fee of £5 (this is normally £15).

We’ll monitor the situation and revise the fee if necessary.

We hope that this will strike a fair balance between helping new customers and encouraging long term customer to keep the costs down for everyone.

21/05/2020 Withdraw Fee increase - FREE withdraws still available!
With the recent dramatic rise in bitcoin network fees, we've had to increase withdraw fees. We're still offering the FREE 8 hour option with most FREE withdraws being sent far sooner than this.

20/05/2020 Free Withdraw credits price changes
Following from the Bitcoin Halving, network fees have continued to rise and we've had to increase the price points which we can offer free withdraw credits. Until further notice, the following price points will apply.
  • £400 or more, FREE IMMEDIATE withdraw (sent in 10 minutes)
  • £100 to £399, FREE HIGH priority withdraw (sent in 2 hours)
  • £0 to £99, FREE withdraw (sent in 8 hours, but usually much quicked).
As soon as the network costs decrease, we'll reduce the price points back to normal levels.